Martin Saucier

Sr. Project Manager


Born and raised in Connecticut, Martin Saucier made the decision to move his family to Colorado for new opportunity and a lifestyle change.  Along with his gregarious, east coast personality, Martin brought a wealth of knowledge and experience from his own General Contracting company, building and remodeling upscale homes for over 20 years. From a young age Martin always liked creating something from nothing, which, seemingly, explains his stellar project management abilities, excellent problem solving skills, and gratification for a finished product.  You can find Martin on the site when the birds start to chirp, always friendly and focused on getting the job done. He is a proud father of his two, college graduate, sons and the biggest fan of his wife, his absolute best friend.  If Martin could have one super power it would be to read minds— he is a pasta lover and he might even answer to the nickname “Melvin”.