Our Process

Henry Development has developed a 5 step process to B U I L D your project and ensure a smooth progression from the first conversation through the final steps of the job.  


Baseline information

Gathering information from you starts with the first phone call. We want to learn all about you and listen to your story and what your goals are. We will ask some questions, share expertise and experience and answer any questions you have. The preliminary information that has been shared becomes a starting point for determining the next steps to be taken.


Understand the project

We start with an in depth review of the final plans to confirm our understanding of the full scope of your project before we begin to prepare for your job.  We communicate with your professional team, and ours, to be sure we are always working together to achieve your goals. Defining a clear course of action and expectations sets the stage for the project to begin. We know that this is a crucial step and getting the details right up front can be the difference between success and failure. 


Implement the plan

Building your vision starts here. On the job site, our hand-picked trades impress you with their level of skill and you watch blueprints become reality. A qualified project manager has eyes on your job from start to finish. Behind the scene, you can track the progress of your project with our state of the art software and mobile app.  Key decisions need to be made along the way. We stand by you to give guidance, resources, and assistance, all while staying attentive to a time sensitive schedule and remaining budget conscious.


Look over 

We know that excellence is in the details. We are proactive in taking care of all   technicalities and, at the same time, we walk your project together to identify any additional items needing attention.  Knowing it’s the little things that make the big things happen, we expedite the work for every item on the list. Nothing goes undone before we are ready to deliver.  Passing the final inspection, we know we have done the job right; seeing a homeowner smile, we know we have done our job well.



Our promise to build your blue ribbon quality home comes with a warranty and we stand by the work we do.  Your experience is equally important and we are sincere when asking you for your feedback.  We take great pride in our accomplishments and build on them everyday. When our work has ended, saying good by means an exciting new beginning for you.     



Our simple online system lets you track the progress of your project with a click of a button,  or easily communicate with our team 24/7. It’s that easy.